You're basically scrapping the OSRS gold

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You're basically scrapping the OSRS gold match and reworking the entire structure of the way skilling is completed, how tools and items work, what bosses are for. It's a new game. RuneScape 4. If they really made a seperate game from it I'd support this idea, but I don't want to modify oldschool this considerably. In comparison to eoc, this change would be several times more drastic.


Making skilling more neccecary is a shot notion anyhow. The skills that are despised are entirely skilling skills such as runecrafting and mining. Skilling is repetitive and unengaging even by RuneScape standards.


Skills like runecrafting and mining are dead fat from a gameplay perspective and of you can trim the fat out of RuneScape those grind abilities are the first to go. RuneScape mining is wasting hours of your life clicking the stones in the exact same place to fall. In wow you need to travel to various places to locate ore which is actually valuable.


In Minecraft you research dangerous caverns to find precious ore, together with danger around every corner using a risk reward of ores but occasionally you find the useful diamond. Mining is like bossing and really engaging. The bosses that are skilling a goal improvement over cookie clicker skilling and are good. Stop trying to revive content that is dead for good reason.


I feel like something is being missed by people, you are able to best osrs iteim play. You don't have to do this meta. Who cares if it's inefficient. You can do barrows for fish sharks or champion scrolls rather than barb fishing at maximum combat or camp. 

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