Envision a rougelike dungeon crawler at OSRS

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Envision a rougelike dungeon crawler at OSRS, my groin would be moist. Proceed through different amounts, dungeon to dungeon progressively boosting your stats and equipment out of tomes and gear you find in chests and from monsters. The problem of monsters and bosses would become more and more RuneScape gold difficult and should you die, you are completely reset. Why does Slayer need to be a skill? Simply change it to work like farming contracts together with the higher level monsters locked behind high battle, and the slayer specific creatures would only be killable on job. That is why I never understood the anti-skill argument, you can literally erase like 50 percent of the present skills and turn them into jobs rather with exactly the exact same effect.

The largest difference is slayer has an immediate action (a"verb") which induces experience - dungeoneering does not. Every skill in the sport is like this - fishing a bass provides you fishing exp. Crafting a necklace gives you crafting exp. There are no skills that are"complete this set of additional skilled activities to get a lump of exp in the ending". Slayer comes the nearest but additionally, it still can be claimed as"killing the monster" because the lead action.

Minigames do, however, follow the"do several skilled actions and get a reward at the end" pattern. Barbarian attack you get points at the end of a wave. Castle Wars you receive a. The most obvious example is that the fishing trawler - fishing is the skill, but trawlering is a minigame since it would be bizarre to have the ability be"fish trawlering", So dungeoneering fits much better as a minigame than a skill for precisely the same reason we do not need a Pest Controlling ability or a Fishing Trawlering ability.

This was the only real chance Jagex. Principal training of the skill shouldn't happen to be centralized to just Daemonheim, but also offered in the plunderable dungeons around the world that wouldn't just grant one-off exp dumps, but repeatable dungeons which were solved like dungeons in Daemonheim, together with the primary resources/rewards (Frost Dragons, minable rocks, etc.) being put at the end, and which makes it to those final areas/rooms could result in exp. drops. This would have balanced the farming of that which was believed rewards and might make it more acceptable for OSRS implementation.

The"main" dungeon should have been something that you unlocked like 90 Dungeoneering and cheap RuneScape Mobile gold should have been much harder. Dungeoneering could also have unlocked"overrun" dungeons that after"cleared" turned into a typical non-overran dungeon that could have good resources; Kinda like how leveling up for Slayer unlocks enemies with better loot tables. Dungeoneering should also unlock new Slayer monsters that were"hidden away" which you alert your slayer master of so you can get tasks for them at the appropriate slayer level (could say something if you're underleveled for them like"Stay away from them for now, thank you for alerting me of them").

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