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The five-year-old Cross Yuki's parents died and were rescued by the current vampire purebred blood king, Kuran Kaname. They were sent to the Cross Academy, and they lived with classmates and a group of noble vampire descendants. A life without a fight. The Kiryu zero was also adopted by the Kaien .
Under the same roof as Yuki and fell in love with her, the unclear love triangle was not warm. Until Hio Shizuka appeared in the Cross Academy. As her life fades, it will break through the relatively stable triangle relationship for a long time.qualitycosplay
At that time, "Vampire Knight" revived the long-awaited girl anime, each character is very attractive, let us come back and revisit it.

Cross Yuki:
Cross Yuki / Kuran Yuki, is the adopted daughter of the Headmaster of Cross Academy, Cross Kaien. She begins as a human. She wears a white college uniform.
She wields the Artemis rod to protect herself and the day class students against vampires. Yuki is extremely close to Kiryu Zero, who she becomes determined to help once she learns he has become a vampire. Her other significant relationship is with Kuran Kaname, whom she has been in love with since he saved her from a vampire attack as a young child and later found out that Kaname was her brother and fianci. She is generally a kind, caring, cheerful, and comedic character, but she is naive and careless, and performs poorly in her studies due to spending most of her nights as a Guardian.
Later in the story, it is revealed Yuki is a Pureblood vampire and the daughter of Haruka and Juri Kuran. Even after becoming a vampire again, Yuki's personality remains largely unchanged. After Kaname sacrifices his heart to the furnace that creates anti-vampire weapons, Yuki gave birth to a daughter that she conceived with Kaname and sometime later, another child with Zero.

Kuran Kaname:
Kuran Kaname, is a Pureblood vampire who saved Yuki from an attack by a Level E when she was a child. Kaname is revealed to be one of the original vampires and founder of the Kuran family. He was raised as Haruka and Juri's son after being reawakened by Kuran Rido, who used the Kuran's first child as a sacrifice, making him Yuki's brother and ancestor. He worked together with Kaien Cross to establish the Night Class to promote peaceful co-existence between vampires and humans.
During the first arc, Kaname spends his time working to protect Yuki, which includes killing Hio Shizuka and fostering Zero Kiryu's powers. During Rido's assault on the school, Kaname destroyed the Senate. Following the time skip, Kaname begins a plan to eliminate all Purebloods aside from Yuki, even willing to place his own heart in the furnace that produces the anti-vampire weapons.His body is preserved in ice by Hanabusa. Kaname's notes on transforming vampires into humans without sacrificing a Pureblood are found by Hanabusa, who perfects it. After centuries pass and the furnace is to be shut down, Kaname is resurrected by Yuki as a human; their biological daughter Ai Kuran, along with Yuki and Zero's daughter Ren, passes on a message from Yuki saying that the world he sees as a human is just as how she saw it.

Kiryu Zero:
Kiryu Zero, is unique being both a vampire hunter and a vampire.He wears a black college uniform.
He is Yuki's close friend and a Cross Academy Guardian, he was trained to be a vampire hunter by Toga Yagari. Zero lives with Kaien Cross and Yuki, after being bitten by a Pureblood vampire, Hio Shizuka, who also murdered his family. Due to the attack, Zero developed a deep hatred and distrust of vampires, despite originally being a gentle character by nature.
He has a tattoo on his neck that allows him to be restrained by a charm that temporarily immobilizes him and allows him to enter the Hunters' Association's headquarters. Zero also holds a deep hatred for Kuran Kaname, who tells him that he is simply a shield for Yuki. Zero is deeply in love with Yuki, but chooses to hide it; his feelings left him temporarily confused after Yuki was revealed to be a Pureblood vampire, but Zero continued to love her. In the anime's final episode, Zero lets her drink his blood, allowing Yuki to see how he feels about her.

In fact, every character is loved or pity. The cartoon is full of romance, and each character's clothes carry a gothic romance. I think you can also come to appreciate it. If you want to cosplay these characters, there are similar clothes for you to choose from Vampire Knight Cosplay Costume Shop Online.

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