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Yashiro Isana has lived a comparatively ordinary, simple lifestyle. However, nothing regular has been happening considering that the recent killing of Tatara Totsuka, prominent member associated with the infamous HOMRA. Seeking vengeance, typically the Red Clansmen associated with HOMRA set out to get Yashiro and destroy him.
The origin of the story is like this. Since after that, the way of the particular destiny of Yashiro has rapidly developed in an unknowable direction.
Let's look into the primary characters.
Isana Yashiro:
A soft and lovely boy together with a carefree character. He is within a school uniform having a red tie.
Having been chased by HOMRA as a suspect who killed Tatara Totsuka, but their true identity is the First in addition to Silver King, that lost his memory space. In order to dispel the offense, he embarked about the road of seeking truth with the help of Kuroh Yatogami in addition to Neko. After repairing memory, he chose to stop the Without color King and ending everything. In the end, make use of the physique to ban typically the king of without color, and ask the particular king of the particular Red to destroy Yashiro with the particular Colorless King.

Suoh Mikoto:
They have the red hair, which often is violent plus speechless. In buy never to cause power, he is often in a state associated with half-sleeping and half-awake. At the starting of the storyline, within order to restrict the ability, the initiative was bound simply by the Blue King.
It is also an enemy and friend with the Blue King Reisi Munakata. However , he is divided from the position.
It is usually the king best to the Wizmann threshold. At the particular end of the particular story, he was murdered by the patriarchal rite in order to not let the particular sword of Damocles fall.

Munakata Reisi:
The Blue King and Head regarding the Special Job Force Unit Scepter 4; the Fourth King. He dons glasses, and offers a calm, sophisticated demeanor. He loves puzzles in his spare time. He is usually shown to get extremely worried about Mikoto's safety despite them being enemies, in addition to was immensely annoyed by how Mikoto will not seem to show up to care about his own life at all. As a King, he is strong in addition to powerful as he easily overwhelmed Kuroh without drawing their saber, but the full extent associated with his power is usually yet unknown. This individual is also demonstrated to have no malice towards other clans, or Strains, even going out there of his solution to rescue Anna Kushina. Neko nicknames your pet the "Boss with the Glasses".

Kushina Ould -:
The youngest and only female member associated with HOMRA, she is usually also a Strain who dresses within gothic lolita style. Anna has the ability of perception using her reddish crystal marbles, which often she forms away of her personal blood. She misplaced her parents in an accident, and met Mikoto by means of her Aunt that was Mikoto's teacher at the period. She is typically the mascot character of HOMRA, and is fairly emotionally attached to Mikoto. She adored Tatara's singing, plus was his Simply no. 1 fan. She has a form of shade blindness where the girl can only understand the color red. She becomes the next Red Ruler after Mikoto's dying.

Awashima Seri:
Reisi's second in order and the just female member of Scepter 4. The girl is wearing a typical Scepter 4 costume.
She has the connection of bartender plus customer with Izumo Kusanagi of HOMRA. He also offered her the nickname 'Heartless Woman'. The girl likes anko (red bean paste) to such a degree that Kusanagi, Munakata and Fushimi have been all visibly sickened. She is called the "Boob Woman" by Neko. Yashiro made her a momentary clansman to talk to the girl privately. Seri is incredibly loyal to Munakata and cares significantly about his security.

Neko is really a Strain with heterochromia eyes. She offers lots of cute clothing.
She is mischievous, playful and eats the lot like the cat. Though she appears to have the ability to create illusions, shapeshift and gets invisible at 1st, as it happens that she has the power of sensory interference. The lady has a sturdy love and affection for Yashiro plus will head to excellent lengths in order to keep him or her safe. She pertains to him because "Neko's Shiro. inch Later it has been also revealed that she also has the capacity to manipulate people's remembrances as well, which often is why Yashiro was misled in to thinking that he was a typical higher school student initially. Like Nagare, the lady was also a new survivor of the Kagutsu incident who else had gained brand new powers. Since then, she was forced to manipulate the woman own memories plus live under a new new identity since a cat. Inside the epilogue, the lady became a pupil at Ashinaka Large School.

Yata Misaki:
HOMRA's vanguard, this individual is extremely competent with a amusing, which he wields as a weapon. His nickname is "Yatagarasu". He could be impatient plus passionate, and disfavors being called by simply his feminine-sounding 1st name, which Fushimi often taunts him or her with. He phone calls Fushimi by the particular nickname 'Saru', that means "monkey". He is furthermore rather short, and has a difficulty speaking with girls. He and Fushimi used to be close friends and joined HOMRA together, but following Fushimi betrayed all of them and joined Scepter 4, the 2 of them constantly get into fights whenever they meet. HOMRA is essential to Yata, and he admires Mikoto a great deal. Later this individual also does his best to support Anna and reconciles along with Fushimi.

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