To be able to move an whole tree or bamboo you'll need to eat a piece of fruit beforehand

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To be able to move an whole tree or bamboo you'll need to eat a piece of fruit beforehand. This will give you the capacity and superhuman strength by using your spade to scoop them up. When you dig up a tree it will shrink into your pocket in precisely the same manner as all that tight furniture onto your own person, disappearing conveniently into your pocket/inventory. Neat! All that's left to do is find the right new home and deposit it there. You'll notice a counter appear in Animal Crossing Bells For Sale the top left corner of the display up to a maximum of 10 after eating a piece of fruit. This fruit meter lets you know how many trees you can dig or rocks you can ruin before you return to normal'power'. To drain the meter make use of a bathroom or simply dig up trees and replant them. Yep.

By chopping trees with an axe you can extract lumber. There are three types of wood it is possible to get from trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons - regular wood, hardwood and softwood - and we have detailed them to you below.Stop sniggering in the back! Ahem. Rather unlike real life, trees from Animal Crossing: New Horizons create an unending supply of all three types of wood. By hitting on the tree with an 10, you get it.

HOWEVER, they'll only have the ability to withstand two hits from a proper axe before another strike chops the tree down. Keep this in mind unless you want to chop down a fruit tree that is prized. Ironically, you are better off in the event that you use a Flimsy or Stone axe to gather wood - you are able to get three tons of wood out of each tree and those axes aren't powerful enough to cut down trees regardless of how many times you swing it. The only disadvantage is that the flimsy axe lives up to its title and will disintegrate via use - you'll have to craft many if you want to harvest wood from each tree in your island, or upgrade to the Stone axe for improved durability (thanks to NL reader Zack for pointing out this ).

Available wood's three types are used to craft a host of items from vital tools to exotic furniture and much more. Hardwood is obtained in the exact same manner as wood in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's darker than the normal kind. Keep chopping away indiscriminately and you're going to find it. Softwood, too, is just another variant that pops off of trees as you work them with your chopper. So, what are you waiting for? Chop-chop!

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