Spend the 30 on luck of the dwarves and you essentially have BIS on your ring slot.

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Spend the 30 on luck of the dwarves and you essentially have BIS on your ring slot. You'll continue to keep this ring for your runescape career. Since we will ignore HSR which is a ring less than 1% of the players could opt, I say essentially for. Luck of the RS gold dwarves is your best and first purchase. It also comes with the tier 4 fortune along with GE teleports. The ring will remain on your finger. Where you invest the 70 is your decision. As the other people in the thread have said, the best thing to do is to keep it until it is actually needed by you. At a level of 400, almost everything is a DIY and for that, money will rarely be spent.For the love of all that's Sacred, make text Dimensions scalable

We do not reside in the age of monitors that are 1280x720 anymore. I've a 2560x1440 screen, and it's absolutely fantastic. I am able to observe anything, read anything, play with anything. Except for Runescape, because it's the decent match which still does not scale text according to the user's screen resolution. For me, Runescape is unplayable because the text is so tiny in my monitor. I have excellent sight, browse the cheapest line of letters at the physician's office and everything. But I can't browse the match messages. I can not read the chat. I can not read what every ability does. And I can not fucking see just how many seconds are left on my super antifire so I do not die to dragons.

I have back and neck pain just from chatting with buddies. My eyes begin to hurt When I go closer to the monitor and I always get a headache. If I set my windows screen settings reading becomes easier but the whole screen becomes a bit fuzzy, the mouse sensitivity varies, and my Runescape design is completely ruined. The display that pops up helps with studying chat When I use the windows key and the key, but it's completely unsuitable for PvM. I know that it is rather difficult to re-program the way text works in Runescape, however I believe if they can pull off the bank, then they could do this also.

Support!! I don't play RS3 much anymore, but I recall this being a huge issue for me!! It drove me insane that I could hardly see things. My spouse got a 40" 4K monitor a couple of decades ago and you can imagine how dreadful that was haha.I possess exactly the identical challenge even with relatively good eye sight, and agree with your points! We only started looking UI scaling and vector fonts to help with this. I was shown a presentation of UI scaling the day by one of our engineers along with the potential looks terrific!

A great deal of things to determine nonetheless, such as what would be the most out of the box experience for specific screen sizes i.e. 4K display versus 1440p, should we even take a look at 1080p configurations now? Additionally we need to figure out what the consumer controls seem like, I visit us possibly devoting gamers some revision control. And what what point do our UI's look high-quality upscaled. Will have to look at uprezzing assets. Additionally if we combine this capability with vector fonts, how will it introduce us additional issues on the UI front, i.e. would a few of them want to be re-done all together? Mod Hypnose is looking at this and would anticipate for him to start demoing this capacity to cheap RuneScape gold a future live stream, stay tuned!

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