RBs needs to be Madden nfl 20 coins

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 There is no reason RBs needs to be Madden nfl 20 coins backpedaling after catching a route, or throwing a flat for your TE 3 years. Or display passes before moving vs blitz your receiver pauses. None of that shit ought to be how it is. Perhaps you have played madden before? That is how it should be when it comes to moving and catching imo.

I probably play Madden over you and I can say I'm better at it. Grab N Go is the same ability as Individual Joystick except you need to grab the ball. And the one thing I've a issue with on establishing the area is because you said, RBs and TE on routes that are horizontal. They turn up area exceptionally slow.Lol have you watched college/NFL WRs catch things like bubble screens and instantly get downfield unless it is a terrible throw? Flat paths this year are basically just throwing away the ball since It takes TEs 3 seconds to turn around and try and get upfield. It's the same with escape artist...I've 98 rate Vick and without Escape artist he's essentially not able to escape any type of pressure. WRs struggle unless you have some dumb path chem on them to get open.

I disagree, I think madden is a game, games should be fun, and having gamers with super powers is enjoyable, moreover it's no like that they give you the opportunity to have skills an x variables on all of your players. 

Occasionally people care a lot about winning that they forget it's a fucking game, that's the problem with madden, individuals who just play to win, so that they spend tons of cash on op teams to just run the same fucking play buy Madden 20 coins all the time, glitches are constantly gona be in Madden 20 NFL, it can not be perfect, the dilemma is the type of people who use them all the time bc they can't even think about losing, stop blaming Madden 20 NFL and blame the people that play just to win rather than to have fun.

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