PvP more fun for OSRS gold

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This would produce the wilderness more busy, and PvP more fun for OSRS gold people that don't abuse the system in place as it stands now (you know who you are). Additionally, it would also mean that they could add the wilderness and new unique creatures, bosses and drops. 

I think making wilderness PvP safer benefit the community, and will make it covetous and toxic. It'll remove lurers from Runescape game completely while keeping fun and fulfilling Runescape player vs Runescape player interactions.

Also for men and women that prefer using jungle passing mechanics to lose degradable equipment like achto, or tectonic, simply make it when you high alch those items you get the equivalent you'd have gotten from the jungle by expiring, or add a fresh skill similar to disassemble that does it but doesn't give components.

This wouldn't be fair because pkers can do danger free pking if they bank after each kill. There wouldn't be any incentive for pvmers or skillers to battle back while there could be one for pkers to assault them.That is a valid point, maybe there has to be a change to Rsgoldfast this idea, like 80 percent of death costs dropping as well as looting bags.If people have to pay death outlays, they will continue to risk as little as they do unless they're actively trying to PK. It's abusable, When they don't.

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