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And the actual test will wow classic gold for sale be seeing those players take to WoW Classic because when it turns out they really like that leadership then WoW Classic will definitely be enormous. In addition, I don't think that it's a drawback that a course be a course rather than a spec, as you said on screen the specs should've always remained about being an enhancement to a class but you would still remain that course, but they turned each spec into it's own class.

What I think is worth pointing out is that in vanilla it mattered which you took the aggressive courses to raids because general folks sucked at WoW Classic in comparison to now, I think you could almost definitely clear some of the raid content that has any classes in the raid as long as you dont have too lots of the bad classes in there. In the end of the afternoon there will always be people who will pick the courses to perform the rest, however if I return to WoW Classic (Ex hardcore raider) I might play one of those less competitive classes, and see how great I can get with it. Along with the concept that if you join a guild as any specific course and be genuinely forced to play with the spec that performs well is simply not true for 80 percent of the raiding guilds that will form.

I believe you are coming from a strange place when you seem to believe that individuals anticipate WoW Classic to be like a new adventure. People wanted WoW Classic BECAUSE they played and knew WoW Classic, they didn't need a new fresh encounter. Also only re-balancing the numbers is a stupid idea which I wager you gave no thought in any way. It might be fine in PvE but fostering damage or reducing mana prices for poorer classes would have a huge impact in PvP, largely for hybrid classes which are not nearly as weak in PvP as in PvE. Imagine a elemental shaman being able to pump out those CL/shock crits without heading out of mana, feral druids doing the same (boosted) damage as the rogues but with the capability to heal (which might be boosted) and switch into endure form (which now would have fostered armour to stay informed about warriors in PvE). Fundamentally it's a dreadful idea to change the numbers only, they'd need to modify the courses completely if they had been to try to balance vanilla. Why is it that people like you behave like PvE is the only thing which matters in WoW Classic and don't give a single idea about how this impacts the PvP'ers??

I believe it will be a good while before WoW Classic becomes rancid. I played WoW Classic, from launch til TBC. I never tanked or treated, and that I only set foot MC once, which was my entire raid experience. The only thing I did that I was kind of"proud" of, was getting both dal'rend wow classic gold swords in my rogue. For me this is going to be a opportunity to experience WoW Classic again, but this time with much more skill and comprehension of what im doing, in all the regions that I either never got around to, or wasnt aware of. And that I mostly play old games, Supreme Commander(2007), Age of Empires 2(1999), Red Alert 2(2000) and occasionally Heroes of might and magic (1999). To me those matches are classic WoW Classics whom I keep returning to, and I expect WoW Classic will become one of these:-RRB-?



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