How to find and extraction point and extract in Escape from Tarkov.

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Escape from Tarkov’s raids are tense and exhilarating, but for new players they can also be pretty frustrating too. The game teaches you very little about how to succeed. Even if you’re a phenomenal shot, you’ll still need to learn how to extract in Escape from Tarkov if you want to keep all that loot you’re stacking up. To save you plenty of time bumbling around maps unsure of what to do, this guide will teach you the basics of how to find and extraction point and extract in Escape from Tarkov.


Therefore, in order to get out safely, you need to get to pre-determined extraction points on each map. The actual process of extracting is simple, you just need to walk up to an extraction point on the map, at which point a timer will begin and you’ll be taken away from the Raid safely.


The struggle comes from actually knowing where the extraction points are. If you press O on your keyboard, Escape From Tarkov will show how much time is left in the Raid, with you needing to get out before it runs out. If you want to Buy EFT Roubles, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.


Now, if you double tap O, a full list of extraction points will come up. Those without a question mark next to them can just be walked up to without a care in the world, but the rest will have requirements that need to be met first.


Some are locked once they’re used once, while others require you to find specific items first. The best thing to do is just learn where all the easy and open points are so that you can extract easily every time.

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