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About where OSRS Gold lies in the portfolio of Jagex could you guys talk? % of revenue, target market, etc? I love the game itself, but find myself fascinated with all the real life aspects of it (and how the game itself mimics the real world economy - so trendy!). Also, a game related question: can it be feasible for me to one-way port my account? I'd love to not lose years of work. I'm afraid we won't talk ike financials. We're a well-supported and well-respected part of Jagex. It's not possible I'm afraid, and though it was I am not sure we would want to get it done. I'd personally rather not allow RS3 XP (with their rates and activities) to bypass the OSRS grind.

This memory is vivid in my mind, but I have no idea if it actually happened. I could imagine some staff with that era doing that, possibly even to hype up more enthusiasm for the launch that is forthcoming. But I am afraid I did not do the job here myself in the time, and I don't know who it would have been specifically. Paul Gower, even - teleport players to dance later RS2 together with the knights, and sometimes he was known to hang out occasionally launched.

Is there going to become a process for recovering accounts that we are hacked and then afterwards prohibited for rule violations? I loved this game and put a whole lot of effort into it but was hacked (despite having two variable that was subsequently handicapped ). The hacker farmed Zulrah and my account was banned for macroing that is fair, since it was certainly botting for gold farming. It's frustrating that there is not more recourse here in order to appeal this and farther, no true way I could be certain that I won't only get hacked again.

Would you not see the account was logged in from an entirely different place when killing that stupid snake than I played with in my home city? I have never killed the snake I hadn't even finished the essential quests to do it but when I regained my account I'd the pet.can I not have a opportunity to try to give proof that my account was compromised during the period that the rule violations occurred? I put time and effort and I'm simply never going to buy osrs gp play again because of this, it makes me sad. I understand, if it impossible, but I suppose I'm not the only one in this boat.

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