The artefacts themselves were something to behold

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Our intrepid colleagues have monitored Professor Tony into the Kharidian Desert, in which RuneScape gold met with an intriguingly comfortable ally.Once back, I find myself questioning whether I've let this entire project escape hand. The one issue is, I do not recall telling him any such thing - in fact, I'd rather hoped to lead the charge with this one myself and have a little experience for once.


There is only 1 thing to do today - that I need to travel to Al Kharid and explain the misunderstanding. I just hope the fantastic doctor hasn't gotten too carried away already.Oh dear. Almost the moment I came we stumbled upon a set of fascinating artefacts. If I did not know better, I would have said he knew where they would be buried. But that is ridiculous, isn't it?


The artefacts themselves were something to behold. The first one was an exceptional example of Zarosian art, a purplish crystal jump in gold. It had an odd power to it, also. Definitely something to investigate further. The next item was some type of mask, forged to the specimens at a similar metal we found back at our dig site. I was thinking we should begin mining out the ore and crack on with some experiments when I discovered my companion looked somewhat subdued.


He just stared down into the eyes of the mask. I think I saw tears from his eyes. What an odd chap. It's fantastic to see an archaeologist so spent.


Dr Nabanik does know his stuff! For example a few tidbits about Kharid-et he regaled us all with legends of this desert, after dinner. Like Senntisten, Kharid-et seems to have been a significant Zarosian stronghold. It was here that the Mahjarrat were rumoured to have amassed powerful objects from all over the Kharidian Desert to use because of their (no doubt ambiguous ) plans. I wonder whether some of those relics are here, just waiting for somebody to pick up them and discover their magic? I get chills just considering it!


As he described the probable final days of this fortress, dr Nabanik went quiet. Covered cheap OSRS gold by the shifting sands, an entire fort and its own people were eventually lost to time and forgotten. It's said that a few true believers hunt its fact, but as to their achievement no-one can say. That's when Nabanik produced an early papyrus. It revealed some type of construction, not we had uncovered. Could this really be for?


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