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At the launch of the iPhone XS Max and XS, Apple claimed that the new smartphones can last up to 1.5 hours longer than it's predecessor. A recent test carried out by a YouTuber revealed that the iPhone XS Max can outlast most rival flagship phones when it comes to battery life. 

The iPhone XS Max Outlasts The Galaxy Note 9 & Other Flagship Android Phones In Battery Life© MensXP/Akshay Bhalla

The test was conducted by YouTuber MrWhoseTheBoss, where four phones were tested for battery life. The test included Apple's iPhone XS Max, Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, Google Pixel 3 XL and the Sony Xperia XZ3. 

To put things into perspective, the iPhone XS Max has a 3,174 mAh battery which was revealed from a regulatory filing. It is smaller than the smartphones it was put against, as the Galaxy Note 9 has a 4,000 mAh battery, the Pixel 3 XL has a 3,430 mAh battery and the Xperia XZ3 has a 3,300 mAh battery. 

The iPhone XS Max Outlasts The Galaxy Note 9 & Other Flagship Android Phones In Battery Life© YouTube

Even though the iPhone XS Max has a smaller battery life, it still managed to last longer than all of the other smartphones in question. 

In the test, all four phones ran a series of applications and games that would simulate everyday use on the smartphones. It was revealed that the Sony XZ3 was the first to die in a matter of three hours. 

Google Pixel 3 XL managed to survive for five hours and 20 minutes at which point the iPhone XS Max still had 11 per cent left. The Note 9 managed to last the longest at six hours and three minutes while the iPhone XS Max managed to last a few minutes longer.

The iPhone XS Max Outlasts The Galaxy Note 9 & Other Flagship Android Phones In Battery Life© YouTube

It is worthy to point out that the Note 9 is capable of lasting longer than the iPhone XS Max only when the resolution is kept at default settings. The iPhone XS Max runs at a resolution of 2688×1242 which is higher than the Galaxy Note 9 (1080p). 

In order to run a fair test, the YouTuber cranked up the Galaxy Note 9's resolution to the maximum i.e. 2960×1440 to replicate similar testing conditions. 

If you're interested to watch the test for yourself, you can always check out the video by MrWhoseTheBoss below: 

Emraan Hashmi


Every few months we have a new device being launched in the midrange segment by almost every company. The mobile technology world is rapidly advancing and with more options, the number of features and pricing is the core factor for consumers. 

Joining the bandwagon, Honor has launched the successor of Honor 7X and here's everything you need to know about it. 

The Honor 7X was among the first phones to bring a dual rear camera setup in this price range, but it had a very basic metal construction. With the Honor 8X, the back is made of glass with a double textured design and 15 layers of aurora glass. The front has a notched display and a claimed screen-to-body ratio of 91 per cent.

Honor 8X Launched In India© Honor

On the front is a 6.5-inch Full HD+ (1080x2340 pixels) display with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The phone is powered by an octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 710 SoC along with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage in the base variant. The second variant comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB of storage and the third one has 6GB RAM along with 128GB storage. Both feature expandable storage via a microSD card as well. 

The rear of the phone consists of a 20-megapixel primary sensor and a 2-megapixel secondary sensor. The front has a 16-megapixel camera for selfies. The camera incorporates many AI-powered features like AR stickers, Portrait mode, HDR, and Super Night Scene. While the phone has a fingerprint sensor on the back, it also supports authentication via Face Unlock. 

Honor 8X Launched In India© Honor

The phone is powered by a 3750mAh battery that supports 10W fast charging and an AI-powered battery saving option. Unlike many other phones out there, the Honor 8X has a triple slot tray, meaning it can run two SIM cards as well as a microSD card for memory expansion. The smartphone boots Android 8.1 Oreo-based EMUI out of the box. 

The base variant is priced at Rs 14,999, the second variant with 6GB+64GB configuration costs Rs 16,999 and the 6GB+128GB variant is priced at Rs 18,999. 

They will be available in India starting October 24, exclusively via Amazon, in Black, Red, and Blue colour options.

Emraan Hashmi


The timing of consuming whey protein has always been a hot topic. For decades, people believed that you need to consume whey protein immediately after your workout. 

With time, however, theories have changed but the myths around this refuse to die down. How to take maximum advantage of whey protein consumption? The latest that you will get to hear is that whey protein is maximum absorbed when taken before a workout, not after. This thought is being supported by many believing that it makes sense, as your body will absorb all the protein during the weight training. Let's find out if this claim holds any substance.

What Does Research Say?

Here's The Best Time To Drink A Whey Protein Shake© Thinkstock

We're lucky that we already have a research study where the effects of consuming whey protein before the workout and after the workout were compared. 

In this research, a group of men were divided into two and both the groups were given a protein shake containing 25 gm protein. One group received it immediately before their workout and the second group received it immediately after their workout. The study found no significant differences in muscle strength and size between both the groups. Thus it doesn't really matter whether you take your whey protein shake before or after your workout.

Daily Protein Intake Plays Crucial Role

If your target is to gain muscle size and strength, completing your daily intake of protein is a big factor, rather than timing your protein. The RDA of an average person is 0.8gm/kg which is the minimum amount of protein that a person should consume in his diet. 

However, people who weight train regularly and athletes, have higher requirements of protein. Though the exact amount of protein intake will depend upon your level of training and other factors, experts recommend consuming around 1.6gm/kg of protein to gain muscle size and strength. 

Therefore, till the time you are able to meet this requirement of 1.6gm/kg of protein requirement every day; there is no need to worry about timing your protein shake near your workout.

It's About Individual Convenience & Preference

Here's The Best Time To Drink A Whey Protein Shake© Thinkstock

As a coach, I often receive requests from my clients to time their protein shake somewhere in the morning when they are leaving for their work. Even those who do their workouts in the evening, sometimes prefer to drink their protein in the morning; reason being? Convenience. 

They are in a hurry in the morning to reach their office and thus want a convenient way to meet their protein macros. This way, they are able to save time by not having to cook. 

This is what I want to tell you guys. It's all about your personal convenience at the end. If it's convenient for you to have your protein around your workout, go ahead and consume it around your workout. If not, don't worry. Just have it at the time that suits you the most and concentrate on completing your overall protein intake for the day.


Pre- versus post-exercise protein intake has similar effects on muscular adaptations Brad Jon Schoenfeld,corresponding author1 Alan Aragon,2 Colin Wilborn,3 Stacie L. Urbina,3 Sara E. Hayward,3 and James Krieger4

Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.

Emraan Hashmi


Internet's favourite pastime seems to be solving mysteries and optical illusions that continue to baffle the world. After solving the confusion of the infamous 'Blue or Black dress', 'Beach or Door' and 'Yanny or Laurel'; the internet has now switched its Sherlock mode on to find out the truth behind this particular picture.

The world was divided back then between Yanny and Laurel, and today, it's divided between a person's back and neck. Seriously, is that even a debatable topic? How hard can it be to differentiate between a neck and someone's back? In this case, hard enough to sprain your neck, back and eyes (from looking at the picture for too long). 

Why tf I thought this was her neck

— MartyMula (@LilMaarty) October 7, 2018

Twitter user Marty Mula recently shared a picture with the caption, "Why tf I thought this was her neck." that not a neck? I am not alone, these people too thought it's a neck.

Me staring for a good 5 min trying to see how it's not.

— Dré âï¸â¨ (@SunnieDre) October 7, 2018

Literally stared at this for a min like "if this ain't a neck then what is IT?!"

— Gerard or Champ (@FollowYourFresh) October 7, 2018

Girl i was lookin hard as hell too like

— Lil Senzu Bean Ting ð (@_yungsenseii) October 7, 2018

I stared at this for 2 mins to realize it's her back

— k.3vin (@xjustkevinx) October 7, 2018

— Neeva ð (@Neevasash) October 7, 2018

5 mins later and still seeing her neck

— Oy C (@OyinkanSxo) October 7, 2018

Thought it was some girl with short ass her that suffered from heat damage and has a long ass neck ðð. But instead it's a girl with long hair and has a perfectly shaped back ðð

— iamalotusflower (@dipuo_sungula) October 7, 2018

Took a good 30 seconds to realize it was a back now I'm tryna see how I seen a neck in the first place

— Jefe Jovenð° (@Theniwaslike_) October 7, 2018

Thought it was some girl with short ass her that suffered from heat damage and has a long ass neck ðð. But instead it's a girl with long hair and has a perfectly shaped back ðð

— iamalotusflower (@dipuo_sungula) October 7, 2018

Let's solve this mystery for y'all. *Drumroll* this is actually the back of a woman named Jord Ush. 

What did you think it was? A woman's back covered by her hair or a man's neck with a weird haircut? Let us know in the comments section below.

Emraan Hashmi


Horror movies and shows are not everyone's cup of tea, I would know, I'm a huge wimp when it comes to them. But, I feel like there is a huge amount of people who love to get scared out of their wits and look out for new horror stuff to watch, I mean that's why people keep making them.

So, for people who enjoy the genre, they're always on the lookout for new stuff to watch and probably believe the scarier the better. And now, Netflix is here to fulfil everyone's wishes with some extremely scary stuff, that is literally not for the faint of heart.

Netflix's 'The Haunting Of Hill House' Is Too Scary

I'm guessing everyone has heard about the new Netflix Original – 'The Haunting of Hill House' – because everyone can't stop tweeting about it, because well, it's a little too scary. But, I guess since it's Halloween, 'tis the season to be spooked.

Netflix's 'The Haunting Of Hill House' Is Too Scary

But, first here's a little background on the show, it's loosely based on Shirley Jackson's 1959 gothic novel, 'The Haunting of Hill House'. It follows a “group of siblings who grew up in what would go on to become the most famous haunted house in the country, as tragedy forces them -- now adults -- back to the house to confront the ghosts of the past.”

Here's the trailer-

With people saying that they threw up and passed out because of the show, to some even claiming that they got an anxiety attack, it's safe to say this show is redefining the meaning of 'Netflix and Chill'.

So, here are some tweets from those who have watched the show. If you have watched it already, you'll have people who understand and relate to you or if you haven't, then you get a fair idea of what you can expect and be prepared for it.

Okay, then.

The Haunting of Hill House on @NetflixUK is one of the most terrifying, nail biting, hide behind the couch, don't even breath, I'm going to pass out from fear things I have ever watched. In. My. Life.

— Baby Jane (@babyjanequeen) October 13, 2018

Well, it's worth a watch.

The haunting of hill house, if you like horror/thrillers you gotta watch it. If you dont you still gotta watch it! Its super well made and very good at telling a story.

— ole (@oleee_96) October 16, 2018

Don't watch it before sleeping.

Watching Haunting of hill house before bed wasn't the best idea

— Lowri Davies (@LowDxx) October 14, 2018

I'm scared to watch, tbh.

The Haunting of Hill House was brilliant but terrifying and I'll never sleep again

— Maddie Taylor (@maddie__taylor) October 14, 2018

A recurring feeling.

I made a poor decision in watching #HauntingofHillHouse prior to needing to go to sleep.

Yes, for the record, I am an adult. Sometimes.

— Erin, PA-C (@tricoastie) October 16, 2018

Don't know what scene and don't want to find out.

okay im watching the haunting of hill house and at first i thought i was going crazy bc i kept seeing faces in the shadows or continuity errors of bodies standing in windows but now im positive after this scene that it's absolutely purposeful and its terrifying to the bone

— courtney van ness ð»ð§¡ð¸ð®ð·ð (@cjfeisty) October 15, 2018

Is it?

The Haunting of Hill House has blown me away. The old haunted house tale is given a psychological revamp for the modern viewer: this is by far the most complex and complete horror series of its time.  Compiled with eeringly rich, dark cinematic shots. #Netflix #ShirleyJackson

— Nayab Chaudhry (@NayabChaudhry) October 15, 2018

Kinda want to watch it.

HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE: Genuinely scary and creepy (a few jumpscares made me yell out loud), but it's the attention to character, the drama that unfolds within this family, that makes this show truly special. Great performances, stunning direction. Tearjerker. Don't miss it

— Matthew Simmons (@MattSimmonsBSU) October 14, 2018

Do you really love it?

Haunting of hill house is making me terror vomit in joyful confusion. So I love it.

— SpookyLukeyð» (@RupaulFTompkins) October 13, 2018

Someone start a support group.

Who is watching the Haunting of Hill House because I need to talk about it , potentially in the middle of the night when I can't sleep because I'm now afraid of the dark

— Katelyn â­ï¸â­ï¸ (@Now_Voyageur) October 15, 2018

Yeah, you should stop.

It's going to give me a fucking anxiety attack

— suzanne (@boy_vomit) October 14, 2018

Don't watch it at night!

I have made a critical error: I have continued to watch #HauntingofHillHouse after dark, and uh, I am seriously regretting it.

— Spooky Steph (@WriteOnSteph) October 14, 2018

Emraan Hashmi


Last week, Google launched the Pixel 3 and 3 XL and everyone has been excited about it. The Pixel 2 was an amazing device, but was in the news for all the wrong reasons at its launch due to issues with its display panel. 

With the Pixel 3, we definitely hope that Google has improvised the panel and has made sure that there will no longer be any shortcomings. 

To see how much Google has improved the display, DisplayMate has run some measures and standards to tell us how the Pixel 3 XL display stacks up against the competition. 

DisplayMate has shared its findings and has given the Pixel 3 XL an A+ rating, the highest possible. Usually, it is Samsung's flagship phones that get the highest possible rating. 

Here's How The Pixel 3 Display Performs Against The Note9 & iPhone XS© BGR

The study is extremely in-depth and hence we've covered the most important points. The new Pixel 3 XL comes with three colour modes: Natural Mode, Boosted Mode, and Adaptive Mode. 

According to DisplayMate, "Each Pixel 3 XL OLED display is individually calibrated at the factory. Since the Pixel 3 XL supports two Standard Color Gamuts it performs Accurate Calibrated Color Management so the colours appear correctly and accurately based on the on-screen image content."

In terms of viewing angles, a 30 per cent angle will decrease brightness on a smartphone display by up to per cent. On the Pixel 3 XL, it down to just 28 per cent while the iPhone XS Max comes in at 25 per cent and the Note9 at 27 per cent. 

Here's How The Pixel 3 Display Performs Against The Note9 & iPhone XS© Digital Trends

The Pixel 3 XL display has a maximum brightness of 424 nits, while the Note9 is able to produce 700+ nits of peak brightness. But, the Pixel 3 XL has the lowest screen reflectance at just 4.3 per cent, the lowest DisplayMate has ever measured on a smartphone. 

The report says, Google has improved the display on multiple quality parameters, including 'Absolute Picture Quality' and 'Absolute Color Accuracy'. This has been achieved by implementing 'Precision Factory Display Calibration',

While nobody is saying the Pixel 3 lineup has THE best display right now, it sure is at par with the competition. As far as having a speciality is concerned, the series already owns the camera department. 

Source: DisplayMate

Emraan Hashmi


If you haven't noticed by now, we are kind of obsessed with Vicky Kaushal. And considering just how bright his star has been shining recently- what with his incredible performances in 'Raazi', 'Sanju' and 'Manmarziyaan' this year, firmly putting him on Bollywood's map- it's not surprising to see so many people fawning over him.

The fact that he is a great actor isn't surprising, after all, anyone who has seen 'Masaan' can vouch for his talent and acting skills. What has been less expected, and highly refreshing, has been his impressive style game. Be it his clothes or his shoes, Vicky has become somewhat of a fashion icon. In fact, his shoe game has recently been so strong, that we can't help but take styling inspiration from him.

So for all the men out there who want to adapt Vicky's fashion-forward shoe collection for themselves, but don't want to spend a fortune, here's how you could upgrade your own shoe game: 

A Pair Of Fashion-Forward Brown Loafers That Redefine Effortless Fashion

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Official Instagram/Vicky Kaushal

1) These stylish tan brown horsebit loafers that are as classy as they are dependable

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Amazon

MRP: Rs. 2,999

Buy it here

2) Or, you could opt for these pure leather tan brown variants that will elevate your ensemble with a touch of high fashion

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Amazon

MRP: Rs. 3,995

Buy it here

A Pair Of Stylish Black Sneakers That Should Pretty Much Be A Staple In Every Indian Guy's Wardrobe

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Official Instagram/Vicky Kaushal

1) These fashion-forward black sneakers from Adidas that, with their white striped detail, are the perfect amalgamation of style and quality

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Amazon

MRP: Rs. 4,197

Buy it here

A Pair Of Black High-Top Sneakers That Will Pretty Much Compliment Any Casual Or Smart Casual Attire

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Official Instagram/Vicky Kaushal

1) These black leather sneakers from VANS are just as durable as they are stylish. 

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Amazon

MRP: Rs. 4,499

Buy it here

A Pair Of Uber Cool Red Sneakers That Will Transform Your Casual Attire Into A Modish One

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Official Instagram/Vicky Kaushal

1) These trendy red sneakers from U.S. Polo Assn. that are not only comfortable and fashion-forward but also super affordable!

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Amazon

MRP: Rs. 1,399

Buy it here

And Finally, A Pair Of Grey Canvas Sneakers That Epitomize The Term 'Less Is More'

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Official Instagram/Vicky Kaushal

1) These grey sneakers from United Colors Of Benetton that possibly offer the best value for money out of all the shoes mentioned on our list

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Amazon

MRP: Rs. 1,499

Buy it here

2) Or you could opt for these grey sneakers from Boltt that aren't just simplistic and fashionable, but also happen to be the most affordable shoes mentioned on our list

Here's How You Can Own Vicky Kaushal's Fashion-Forward Shoes© Amazon

MRP: Rs. 899

Buy it here

Emraan Hashmi


You can agree with this or not, but the Indian education system is flawed. It gives more importance to grades and marks than knowledge. Mugging and rote learning have always been the prefered tools to score more marks, instead of actual learning and understanding of what is being taught. 

But, Singapore is all set to bring a much-needed change in its education system and the whole world needs to learn something from them. 

Singapore To Abolish Rank-Based Assessment Of Kids© BCCL

From writing on your palms, using a transparent ink pen, hiding chits in your shoes, playing dumb charades inside the exam hall to help your friend, mugging syllabus overnight, begging teachers for extra marks, counted and recounted marks in hopes that the numbers will magically increase, we've all been there and done that.

Singapore's Education Minister Ong Ye Kung has announced that from next year onwards, report cards will not indicate student rankings. 

According to a report by the WEF (World Economic Forum), Singapore is trying to bring a change in their education system, wherein marks will be replaced by homework, quizzes and discussions, as the preferred methods to evaluate a student's performance.

Singapore To Abolish Rank-Based Assessment Of Kids© BCCL

What's more, exams for students of classes 1st and 2nd will be abolished. In the report it's mentioned, "Older primary and secondary students will also study in a less competitive environment. Marks for each subject will be rounded off to the nearest whole number — without decimal places — to lower the emphasis on academic success." 

The ministry wants students to focus on their learning progress instead of being overly concerned about comparisons.

While, we will continue to pressurize ourselves for IITs, IIMs and other kids to score good grades starting class 1st; Singapore has decided to play a role model for other nations with the latest reform in their education system.

Emraan Hashmi


In a historic move today, Uttar Pradesh Minister Sidharth Nath Singh announced that Allahabad has now been renamed to Prayagraj. 

The move was in a pendulum state for a while, ever since CM Yogi Adityanath had announced that the name change was being contemplated. The move was welcomed and placed ahead of the beginning of the ' Kumbh Mela '.  

Social media obviously has a lot of opinions around the decision.

It should have been 'Prayaaga' not #Prayagraj. But i'll still clap for @myogiadityanath for doing it. I don't care if its officially 'Prayagraj'. I am going to call it Prayaaga.

Names like 'Allahabad', 'Bakhtiyarpur' reek of blood on the Islamic sword that swung for centuries.

— Srinivas Duvvuri (@s_duvvuri) October 16, 2018

Prayag is the erstwhile name of Allahabad that was changed by Akbar after he implemented a religion called "Deen E Ilaahi".

Logically it is fair to rename this place based on its history.
The hue and cry of some people make no sense.

— Rapunzel (@WaggishNushki) October 16, 2018

If Madras cn bcm Chennai, Bombay can bcm Mumbai,Victoria terminus can bcm CST, Why can't Allahabad bcm Prayagraj?
Prayag is the original name of the city since vedic times,Why nobody questioned whn Calcutta was renamed to Kolkata although ppl wr dying of starvation n riots in WB?

— Nisha (@niissh) October 15, 2018

While the move has been welcomed by a lot of people, some people on social media feel that the attention meant for this change could have utilised for making other crucial changes in the country and the state.

Allahabad is all i will continue to call.....
Focus on real issues. Suck gimmicks wont work

— PrimeMinister(India) (@HaveAGud_tym) October 16, 2018

Exactly I still call Madras, Bangalore, Calcutta, Bombay, Mohali and Now it will always be Allahabad no matter what these governments only are trying to appease their vote bank nothing else

— Punjabi Rooh (@PunjabiRooh) October 16, 2018

And then, there are some who find humour in everything. 

can I changed my name to Neeta Ambani?
will that make me a billionare ?


— Main Hoon Na (@neo_pac) October 16, 2018

Modi Ji : Rupee is falling continuously, what should we do to fix it?

Yogi : Rupee Ka naam badal kar  Kuwaiti Dinar rakh do#Prayagraj

— Siona Gogoi (@AtomicBlow) October 15, 2018

Well, who knew that when Shakespeare said 'what's in a name'?, little did he know that centuries later, a name could divide people like this. 

We agree, it will take a while for anyone and everyone to adjust to this name change, but can the Government now focus on more crucial issues at hand as well?

Emraan Hashmi


For every traveller or person jet-setting across the world, optimising their travel plans and organisation for flights has become a must. So, finding out which are the best cabin bags is an essential requirement these days, and we are here to help with it.

We have painstakingly looked up, researched, and found the best bags that'll not only help fit your stuff, but will actually make your life a lot easier while you are on the go, with their design and features.

So here are the best cabin bags for every traveller: 1. American Tourister Polycarbonate 55 cm Gun Metal Softsided Cabin Luggage

American Tourister Polycarbonate 55 cm Gun Metal Softsided Cabin Luggage© Amazon

Made of polycarbonate in a gunmetal colour, this bag looks super classy as soon as you glance at it. It is a subtle subtle look, but it still makes an impression. It has a capacity of 44 litres, and weigh 2.6 kilograms. It measures 38 cm by 24 cm by 55 cm. The bag is a number lock, and with a four-wheel attachment, it is incredibly convenient to transport. It has two compartments, has a scratch resistant matte texture. It also has a manufacturer's warranty of three years.

MRP: Rs 4,520

Buy it here

2. Swiss Military 45 Ltrs Black Laptop Trolley Bag

Swiss Military 45 Ltrs Black Laptop Trolley Bag© Amazon

Made with unique ABS plastic and with a moulded polyester shell, this Swiss Military bag comes very well equipped for an urban traveller's needs. It has a laptop compartment that fits most laptops, up to 15.6" screens. There is an interior zippered pocket to protect your laptop from any harm. It has a smooth grip recessed carrying handle, and has a specially designed space for business files. It also has a spacious organiser compartment that includes spaces for your key-chains, phones, IDs, iPods, pens, and more. It has a separate overnight compartment that is meant for your clothes, which it fits effectively.  

MRP: Rs 4,311

Buy it here

3. AmazonBasics Hardside Suitcase with Wheels, 20" (50.8 cm) Cabin Size, Navy Blue

AmazonBasics Hardside Suitcase with Wheels, 20© Amazon

Made with a protective hard shell with a scratch-resistant finish for added strength, this bag from AmazonBasics can keep up even with the roughest and adventurous traveller. It is a 20-inch hardside spinner luggage, that is perfect for any quick getaways or as domestic and international carry-on. It has a fully-lined interior with a handy divider and zippered pocket for easy organization. It is actually expandable up to 15%, to give you some additional packing capacity when required urgently. It comes with a telescoping handle and a 4 wheel spinners for smooth mobility in any direction. It does not include a lock though, so you will have to get that separately.

MRP: Rs 3,499

Buy it here

4. The Clownfish Tapestry Faux Leather 1200 Cms Vintage Light Blue Soft Travel Duffle bag

The Clownfish Tapestry Faux Leather 1200 Cms Vintage Light Blue Soft Travel Duffle bag© Amazon

No list of luggage or bags is complete without a duffel bag or two on it. The first one we recommend is this classy faux leather tapestry vintage inspired duffle bag from Clownfish. It is ideal for two to three-day trips, weekend getaways, and quick business tours. It has a collapsible design for easy storage, for when you are not using it. It has padded handles and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. It also has a small pocket for storing away small essentials quickly. It can take weight up to six kilograms, so it is perfect for overhead baggage on any flights you take.

MRP: Rs 1,659

Buy it here

5. Skybags Footloose Rubik Polyester 580 mm Blue Softsided Cabin Luggage

Skybags Footloose Rubik Polyester 580 mm Blue Softsided Cabin Luggage© Amazon

The outer material in this bag is polyester, with a soft casing. It has a very easy blue colour for those who don't want like to draw too much attention, but like to keep it simple and classy. It has a capacity of 43 litres and it weighs 3.8 kilograms. It measures 37 cm by 31 cm by 58 cm.  It has a four wheels set, which can rotate a full 360-degree, providing great manoeuvrability. It does not have a separate laptop compartment though, so that is something will have to keep in mind about this one. Skybags is obviously a very well known brand for luggage bags, so you know you are investing in quality. They also provide you with a five (yes, five!) year manufacturer warranty. And as a bonus, it also has an expander feature for extra packing space.

MRP: Rs 3,180

Buy it here

6. AmazonBasics Underseat Trolley Bag Luggage, Navy Blue

AmazonBasics Underseat Trolley Bag Luggage, Navy Blue© Amazon

This is an AmazonBasics bag, that is specifically designed to fit under your seat in planes, and other places. The bag measures 13 inches by 13 inches by 9 inches. It has a polyester exterior with a nylon lining. It is designed as a rolling luggage, perfect for the savvy urban traveller. 

It fits in almost all airline overhead compartments and under the seat in front of you. It has a spacious main compartment that is for clothes and can even fit a spare pair of shoes, which is a lot for this kind of compact sized bag. It has interior pockets for storing and organizing smaller items as well. 

You have super easy access to the front organiser for tucking away any small items like a plane ticket, brochure, boarding pass, book, or magazines. It has a telescoping push-button handle that locks into place when required and smooth-rolling wheels for easy mobility. It does not come with a lock or a locking mechanism, but it does have a one-year limited warranty.

MRP: Rs 2,999

Buy it here

7. American Tourister Nylon 55 cms Blue Travel Duffle 

American Tourister Nylon 55 cms Blue Travel Duffle© Amazon

As the second duffle bag on this list, we have picked this American Tourister blue travel duffle. The outer material in this one is nylon, which is quite hardy and resistant. It has a capacity of 61 litres and has dimensions measuring 55 cm by 28 cm by 31 cm. The main compartment is about 47.5 cm, making it perfect for an overnight, or two to a three-day trip. At such an affordable price, it gives you great value for money and even gets a check in the durability category.

MRP: Rs 1,898

Buy it here

Emraan Hashmi


Almost everyone dreams of being super-rich one day, and that's mostly a common goal for everyone. Who wouldn't want to be a millionaire and have an extravagant and lavish life? I will tell you who– someone who's already a multi-millionaire and still prefers living an ordinary life. Quite commendable, if you think about it.

The person in question is the legendary actor Chow Yun-fat, who says he lives on just $100 a month and even plans to give away his $714 million fortune to charity. What a guy!

Chow Yun-fat Will Give His $714 Million Fortune To CharityTwitter

While promoting his movie, 'Project Gutenberg', he opened up about his lifestyle, which is honestly so unexpected for a millionaire. He said, “My dream is to be a happy and normal person.”

He went on, “The hardest thing in life is not about how much money you earn, but how to keep a peaceful mindset and live the rest of your life in a simple and carefree manner.” Words to live by, tbh!

Chow Yun-fat Will Give His $714 Million Fortune To Charity

He said he doesn't like spending any money on himself and would rather spend it doing charity work. He also said he eats at street food stalls and takes public transport as much as he can. 

The best thing about this is that he also claimed he had used his Nokia phone – probably a flip phone – for 17 years and the only reason he upgraded to a smartphone was because the Nokia phone stopped working. Side note – Apple please take note and make phones that last almost two decades, that will be great!

While a lot of us dream of the day where we would shop without even looking at the price tag, the guy who can actually afford to do it prefers shopping at discount stores instead. He said, “I don't wear clothes for other people. As long as I think it's comfortable, then it's good enough for me.”

Chow Yun-fat Will Give His $714 Million Fortune To Charity

It's great to see that even after being in the film industry for 40 years, he's still so down to earth and humble. We really need more people like him in the world.

Moreover, since he and his wife Jasmine Tan have no children, they plan on leaving it all to charity. The couple also established their own charity several years ago and even do a lot of charity work in their spare time. 

Basically, he has earned so much money but he still believes the best use of it will be to help others. 

He's known for acting in movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Bulletproof Monk and Crazy Rich Asians among others.

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From sharing jokes on the field to coming to each other's aid at media interactions, the world of cricket is not new to bromance between fellow cricketers. When it comes to Indian cricket, the camaraderie between KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya is something that stands out in the current crop of cricketers.

A similar chemistry came to the fore recently, when Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan were seen spending quality time along with their better halves on a holiday. 

Accompanied by their respective wives Hazel Keech and Sagarika Ghatge, Yuvi and Zak have kept the social media buzzing with their regular updates on Instagram from the Maldives.

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#islandlifeð´ #beachbumming ðð²ðâ¤ï¸ð·I

A post shared by Sagarika (@sagarikaghatge) on Oct 11, 2018 at 2:48am PDT

From photobombing their wives to posing together on the beach, the two former Indian cricketers seem to be having a gala time in the Maldives. The trip was organised by Sagarika in a bid to celebrate her hubby Zaheer's 40th birthday. 

Later, the likes of Ajit Agarkar and Ashish Nehra, too, joined them with their respective families. But, it's clearly Yuvi and Zak who stood out for their bromance.

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Last one joins in - now its a complete #crew

A post shared by Zaheer Khan (@zaheer_khan34) on Oct 9, 2018 at 3:24am PDT

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A wonderful celebration of true friendship that make everything happy and fun! Happiest birthday to you Zak and Maz. Love you guys @zaheer_khan34 @sagarikaghatge @fatemaagarkar @alifiyaa._ @yuvisofficial @rd.nehra @farzanaghadially

A post shared by Hazel Keech Singh (@hazelkeechofficial) on Oct 11, 2018 at 2:54am PDT

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#aboutlastnight â¤ï¸

A post shared by Zaheer Khan (@zaheer_khan34) on Oct 9, 2018 at 3:26am PDT

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Birthday escape has begun ð

A post shared by Zaheer Khan (@zaheer_khan34) on Oct 8, 2018 at 12:54am PDT

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Friends to cherish !!! @fatemaagarkar ðâ¤ï¸

A post shared by Sagarika (@sagarikaghatge) on Oct 10, 2018 at 8:41am PDT

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Buses and cab services are meant for our convenience, but sadly, many of us think twice and sometimes thrice before sitting in them. At times, we even skip them for reasons that aren't hidden from anyone. 

On days when we do take cabs, the first thing our parents tell us is "Share the cab details with us" or "Send us the exact location." But, thanks to Santosh, a lot of people will now feel safer while calling for a cab.

Cab Driver's Concern For Female Passengers Wins HeartsPexels

Santosh is an Uber driver, who just like any other ordinary cabbie was doing his job of dropping people to their desired location. But, the reason we're talking about him is extraordinary. 

It was around 1 AM when Santosh dropped a woman and her mother at their destination. When he realised that the gate to their residence was shut, he refused to leave them alone and waited with them for 1.5 hours until they got inside their house. The woman took to social media to thank him for his actions. 

hey @Uber_India , wanted to tell you about your driver Santosh. Last night the place we were staying had it's gate was closed. It was  1 AM. He refused to let us go & waited for 1.5  hours till we got in. Kudos to him. Mom and I eternally grateful

— Priyashmita Guha (@priyashmita) October 14, 2018

In fact, in her comments, the woman even mentioned how the passenger of his next ride was getting angry, but he said: "I am sorry but I cannot leave them." As a driver, it wasn't his job to wait and could have easily ended his trip and driven away. But, as a human, he did his job and we respect him for that. Honestly, he deserves more than a 5-star rating. 

However, Santosh isn't the only hero in our society who is out there protecting women. A few days ago, a Mumbai driver and conductor made the whole bus wait at 1.30 AM in the night, until one of the female passengers found an auto.


Not all heroes wear capes, some shout 'Thain Thain' to scare the criminals when their pistol gets jammed. We're not talking about a Rajinikanth movie, this actually happened in Uttar Pradesh's Sambhal district. 

A team of UP cops were out on an encounter and chasing goons, when they realised their pistols were jammed. Now, this is a major problem and definitely a serious concern. But, fear not when the UP police is here. They had the perfect solution to this problem - shout 'thain thain' instead to scare the criminals. 

#WATCH: Police personnel shouts 'thain thain' to scare criminals during an encounter in Sambhal after his revolver got jammed. ASP says, 'words like 'maaro & ghero' are said to create mental pressure on criminals. Cartridges being stuck in revolver is a technical fault'. (12.10)

— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) October 13, 2018

Well, who said you need guns for gunshots when you can do the job by making the sound from your mouth?

Speaking to ANI, the ASP said the pistol got jammed due to a technical glitch. He further said, words like 'maaro, maaro, ghero, ghero' create mental pressure on the criminals. 

Reportedly, a policeman was injured and the team managed to arrest one of the criminals after shooting him in his leg. 

While their mission was successful as they managed to catch the criminal, Twitter had a field day, tripping over the UP cops shouting 'thain thain'. 

Up police:- thain thain

Salman khan :-

— niku (@soopervox) October 15, 2018

Thain thain ft. UP police

— ADI (@kutta_kahika) October 15, 2018

UP Police: Alexa thok do.
Alexa: OK.... "Thain thain".

— Ankit Sagar (@SagarOriginal) October 15, 2018

Foreigners- Indians lack presence of mind.

UP Police- Hold my beer.#uppolice #thain

— Kishan Jhunjhunwala (@Jjworiginal) October 14, 2018

He shot me down, thain thain!
I hit the ground, thain thain!
That awful sound, thain thain!
UP police shot me down!

— Ripper (@Ace_Of_Pace) October 15, 2018

Up police:Thain Thain
Thief: *running away* aaaaa lag gayi!

— Anant Bhardwaj (@Frustratedladka) October 15, 2018

Ye.. hat ja re chokre
Bheja na thok re
Aa rela hai apun
Panga nahi karna
Danga nahi karna
Kar dunga main warna


— thewickedsunny (@pizzzzawithbeer) October 15, 2018

Kim Jong-un: I have a Nuclear button on my desk

Donald Trump:  I have a bigger button

UP Police : Thaaye Thaaye

— SAGAR (@sagarcasm) October 15, 2018

Up Police the best ðð

— Himanshu Rawat (@Savagely_Single) October 13, 2018

Life of UP police :-

— Dev Anandð¥ (@Devismm) October 15, 2018

Looks like the UP cops got the idea of using 'thain thain' from 'Gangland' - 'Raati 12-12 baje tak hundi than than'. 

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Ever since leading India to the ICC Under-19 World Cup title, Prithvi Shaw has taken huge strides to establish himself as one of the most exciting young talents in the country. His artistry with the willow was in full display during the U-19 World Cup, which was followed by an impressive stint in the Indian Premier League (IPL) earlier this year.

Tipped as the next Sachin Tendulkar, Shaw made a sensational debut for Team India when he smashed a brilliant 134 in the first Test against West Indies in Rajkot. In the process, he became the youngest Indian batsman to score a ton on his Test debut. He, then, followed it up with a quickfire 70 in the first innings of the second Test in Hyderabad.

Prithvi Shaw© BCCL

While India blanked a hapless Windies 2-0 in the Test series, it was undoubtedly the 18-year-old who stood out amongst some of the biggest names in international cricket. Scoring 237 runs in three innings against the visiting side, Shaw deservingly bagged the Man of the Series award in his maiden stint with the senior team.

However, as Shaw continues to hog the limelight, there are other youngsters who are quietly going about their business in the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy. 

With bare minimum spotlight and no fanfare, these young guns have taken the tournament by storm - once again highlighting the immense talent on display in India's domestic circuit:

Rahul Desraj Chahar

Rahul Desraj Chahar© Twitter

The younger brother of Team India's upcoming seamer Deepak Chahar, Rahul rose to prominence earlier this year when Mumbai Indians shelled out a whopping Rs 1.9 crore (19 times of his base price) during the Indian Premier League (IPL) auctions. While he didn't get enough game time to prove his mettle, the 19-year-old has taken the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy by storm. 

Far away from the spotlight and fanfare, the 19-year-old has been quietly going about his business in the domestic 50-over tournament. Plying his trade with Rajasthan, the youngster was seen bamboozling the opposition batsmen with his mystery leg spin. In the nine matches he played, the young leggie claimed 20 scalps and is currently placed third in the list of leading wicket-takers this season.

Though his side crashed out of the tournament, Rahul's brilliant outing surely makes him one of the most exciting young talents in the country.

Shubman Gill

Shubman Gill© BCCL

Arguably one of the highly-rated talents in the list of India's next generation cricketers, Shubman Gill has been busy impressing everyone one tournament after another. His penchant for big runs during India's triumphant U-19 World Cup run was in full display. And then, he justified his Rs 1.8-crore price tag with some sublime performances for the Kolkata Knight Knight Riders in this year's IPL season.

Continuing his marauding run, the 19-year-old has been seen going hammer and tongs in the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy. Playing for Punjab, the right-hander amassed 418 runs including three fifties and a hundred in the seven matches he played this season. His brilliant knock of 115 runs was the reason why Punjab managed to edge past Himachal Pradesh in one of their group games.

While Punjab could only manage to win 4 out of their eight matches before bowling out of the tournament, young Shubman's artistry with the willow undeniably reminded everyone what this young lad brings to the table.

Varun Chakravarthy

Varun Chakravarthy© TNPL

While prominent names in the domestic circuit continue to garner spotlight, there have been players like Varun Chakravarthy who continue to lurk in the shadows despite proving their mettle, time and again. His spin bowling prowess was in full display during the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) where he established himself as Siechem Madurai Panthers' secret weapon.

If his impressive TNPL outing got people talking, Chakravarthy's exploits in the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy has once again highlighted his ability to perform for his team. Playing for Tamil Nadu, the rising star has taken 22 wickets in nine appearances this season. His five-wicket haul against the Services also paved way for Tamil Nadu's 83-run win over Services in one of their group games. 

Though he is regarded as an all-rounder, it is Chakravarthy's majestic spin bowling that has allowed him to turn heads in the domestic circuit. From bowling a straighter one, flipper to a zooter, this budding cricketer boasts it all (five cunning variations in total).

Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan© Twitter

A wicket-keeper and left-handed opening batsman from Jharkhand, young Ishan Kishan has come a long way since leading India to the runners-up position at the 2016 U-19 World Cup in Bangladesh. His attacking batting style and brilliant glovework earned him an IPL debut after Gujarat Lions secured his services during the auctions in 2016. He was then roped in by Mumbai Indians and has gone on to become a vital cog for Rohit Sharma's side.

Kishan's ability to aid his team once again came to the fore in the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy. The youngster has been seen in a sublime form while playing for Jharkhand in the tournament. In eight matches he has played so far, the 20-year-old has scored 384 runs including three fifties and a hundred this season. 

Leading Jharkhand in the tournament, the youngster played a captain's knock in a Group C match against Assam where he scored a sensational 91-ball 139 to secure an eight-wicket win for his side.

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Not long ago, WhatsApp rolled out a feature that let you delete sent messages for a particular time period. This 'unsend message' feature comes in extremely handy when you send the wrong person a text, and end up apologising profusely.

In this case, Facebook could soon be rolling out the "unsend" feature for Messenger, that would allow users to retract sent messages not only from their inboxes but also from the entire chat thread.  

Tech tipster Jan Manchun Wong tweeted screenshots of the feature running in the Android version. Jan dug through the apps update code and came across a new feature addition that indicates there's a 'time limit'- giving users only a certain amount of time after they send a message to unsend it. 

Facebook Messenger is finally working on "Unsend Message" in the app for everyone!

Tip @Techmeme

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) October 12, 2018

Currently, Messenger users are only able to delete messages from their inbox, though the sender/recipient will be able to see the message in his/her inbox. This feature first came to focus when CEO Mark Zuckerberg was able to delete messages from the inbox of various recipients in April this year. 

When you press and hold on to the message, an 'unsend' button pops up next to 'delete'. The latter option will only remove the message from your end, while the unsend button will ensure that the message is removed from the receiver's end as well. 

You'll Soon Be Able To 'Unsend' Messages On FB© Reuters

On other news, WhatsApp is also bound to get a new update that will alter the time period in which one has to delete sent messages. Currently, messages can be called back within 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds of being sent, WhatsApp will now be extending this time frame to 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds.  


WhatsApp has updated the "Recipient limit".
What does it mean? If you delete a message for everyone, but the recipient won't receive the revoke request within 13h, 8m, 16s (maybe because the phone was off), the message will **not** be revoked.

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) October 11, 2018

According to WABetaInfo, the change is intended to be a protection against modded users that revoke messages sent weeks, months and years ago. 

It is unclear whether the new change has already been implemented for all WhatsApp users or it will take some time to reach the entire WhatsApp user base. 

The same remains the case for Messenger. A timeline on the feature roll-out isn't officially available from Facebook yet, but we expect it to hit the app stores in the coming weeks.

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Seeing an inaccurate tweet and then people trolling that very tweet is something we see every day, but honestly, it never gets old, especially when an entire political party is getting trolled for one hilariously wrong tweet. 

India recently had a second straight win against West Indies, sweeping the two-match Test series 2-0 with an impressive 10-wicket victory. Congratulatory messages and celebrations were in order, obviously, but Congress totally missed the mark in their tweet.

Congratulations to the men-in-blue for the 2-0 Test series win against West Indies. #IndvWI ð

— Congress (@INCIndia) October 14, 2018

Does anyone see any 'blue' in the picture or is there something wrong with my eyes?

(Before anyone comments with any hate, yes, the Indian cricket team is called the men-in-blue and yes, it's not that big of a goof-up, but just remember that people on Twitter are very unforgiving, so let's all just enjoy some good trolling, thanks)

Yes Rahul, were you behind this tweet?

Kuch bhi ðð.....
Man in blue tab bolte hain jab ODI cricket ho...

Y account bhi माननà¥à¤¯ शà¥à¤°à¥ @RahulGandhi chala rahe hain kya

— SUBHAM SHARMA (@subhamparas) October 14, 2018


Men in Blue ? This was a test series not ODI

— punita toraskar (@impuni) October 15, 2018


Men in blue???? Divya spanda ji this is test match.....

— Randhir Chauhan (@RandhirChauhan6) October 14, 2018

Yes, it's that obvious.

Blue तॠपहनॠहॠनहॠहà¥, सफà¥à¤¦ पहनॠहà¥à¥¤

— Renuka Kolkata (@renukacal) October 14, 2018


Men-in- Blue ð¬ððð...Test match ki team white dress mai h.ð.Abe kyo itna pi lete h...Jo colour hi nahi pata chalte

— Vinod Solanki RAJPUT (@tanmay_vinod) October 15, 2018

Two minutes starting now.

2 min silence for color blindness of INC IT cell

— shuchi (@shuchi_sun) October 15, 2018

That emoji is perfect for this.

"Men in blue"?????ð¤ð¤ð¤

I didn't see a single player in blue through out the match... #PappuMutra ke sevan kam karo congressiyon ð

— Nimbu Masala ð®ð³ð®ð³ (@NimbuMassala) October 15, 2018

I feel like they realized their mistake, but it was too late to take down the tweet and as we all know, Twitter will never give us the edit button ever. 

Whatever the case may be, who doesn't enjoy some light-hearted trolling? So, we should actually thank Congress for giving us some laughs!

Also, kids, think before you tweet.

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Not everyone is a fan of comedy-drama, there are some of us who live on shows which knock the wind out of us with their unimaginable storyline. 

We long for plots that keep us on the edge of our couch, for well-charted out characters that keep our eyes glued to the screen, and the twists that keep us coming back for more, again and again. 

This sounds like the perfect plan for the long weekend to us. You know, the ones who prefer to stay at home and chill, rather than leave the comforts of our home to appear.

If you are just like us, and totally believe in taking your mind for a spin when given the chance, then these 5 thrilling web series will prove to be the best way of spending the long weekend.

1. Sense8 - Netflix

This is one hell of a series, that's wrapped in the most meaty plot. The story follows the lives of eight strangers (Sensates) who suddenly begin to experience each other's lives through the power of telepathy.

Each one of them is located in a different city around the world, but their lives are connected to a point where they can not only read each other's thoughts but can also access each other's knowledge, language and skills. The gripping story unveils the many dangers they are set to face, and if or how they fight their demons.

2. Absentia - Prime Video

The journey of an FBI agent who was on an official mission to hunt down a notorious serious killer, but goes missing instead. When she is found after six years she doesn't remember any details about the time she was gone.

From the loss of her memory to finding herself wound up in a new series of murders, this quick-paced drama manages to keep you on your toes at all times. Your guesses at solving the mystery, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, will always fail. Yet, you'll find yourself moving on to the next episode.

3. Altered Carbon - Netflix

Set in the far away future, this story is sure to test your brain cells and spike up your endorphin levels. The basic premise of the story is that people's consciences have been downloaded to form stacks, which can be shifted to new bodies or “sleeves”.

The first season begins with Takeshi Kovacs, a former U.N. soldier, resurfacing in a different sleeve of a private investigator, to solve the murder of the man who hires him. The fascinating plot promises solid rising action, while the actors look promising in their on-screen characters. However, it's the intricacies of the murder mystery that promises you a ride of a lifetime.

4. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Prime Video

Another thriller that has the audience hooked is 'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' which is based on the fictional characters from 'Ryanverse'. The series opens with Ryan, a CIA analyst, who gets caught in the tricky ways of fate and duty and is launched on a personal escapade to track down a dangerous Islamic terrorist.

The cast is marvellous, the story is gripping, but it is the titular character and his amaze-balls ways that steal the show.

5. Dark

This story might be hard to watch, but we promise you that it's even more difficult to stop watching. Shot in German, and in a gloomy setting which underlines its title, the story traces the lives of people living in the small town of Winden.

The plot is full of cheating spouses, secrets, gruesome killings, and dead birds falling from the sky. The perpetual darkness is ominous of the many hidden mysteries, that are to unravel the ugly deeds of the last three generations.

Get ready for a mind-boggling ride with these shows. We suggest keeping some snacks and good company handy while watching these.

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The #KikiChallenge took the world by storm when Drake dropped the hit number and people couldn't stop making videos of the challenge. 

However, trends come and go in the blink of an eye, after all, given how quickly the internet gets bored, everything seems replaceable online right?  

Move over 'Kiki', the internet is currently obsessed with the 'Skibidi' challenge, which in fact, has been started by a Russian band called 'Little Big' in their music video 'SKIBIDI'.

The good fellas on the internet have found a new thing to do and needless to say, the dance challenge is already catching up.

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ÐдоÑновилиÑÑ ÐºÐ»Ð¸Ð¿Ð¾Ð¼ @littlebigband Рподжига-дÑÑгали на ÑлиÑÐ°Ñ Ð³Ð¾Ñода)) ÐÑли ÑоÑеÑÑ Ð¿Ð¾Ð¼Ð¾ÑÑ Ð¼Ð½Ðµ ÑбежаÑÑ Ð¾Ñ Ð¡Ð°Ð½ÑоÑÑа ÑÑÐ°Ð²Ñ - ð ÐÑли ÑоÑеÑÑ, ÑÑÐ¾Ð±Ñ Ð¡Ð°Ð½ÑоÑÑ Ð½Ð°Ð²Ð°Ð»Ñл мне ÑÑÐ°Ð²Ñ - ðð½ РеÑÐ¿ÐµÐºÑ ÑоздаÑелÑм и ÑÑаÑÑникам ÑÑой видео пÑÑки: @alina_pasok @iliyaprusikin @sonyatayurskaya @lissoff @morgen_shtern СовмеÑÑно Ñ @makashenets ÐпеÑаÑÐ¾Ñ @nkt075 #кÑÑажкÑÑÑÑ #skibidi #skibidichallenge #littlebig #littlebigband #илÑÑпÑÑÑикин #лиÑлбиг #roypurdy

A post shared by ÐÑÑÑÑ ÐлÑÑ (@kuruchbro) on Oct 9, 2018 at 6:29am PDT

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ð¥ÐоÑÑаÑÑвовали в #skibidichallenge Ð¾Ñ ÐºÑÑÑой гÑÑÐ¿Ð¿Ñ @littlebigband ( @sonyatayurskaya , @iliyaprusikin ) ÐдÑм ÑебÑÑ Ð² ХабаÑовÑке 5 ноÑбÑÑð¤

A post shared by Школа ТанÑа "ШÑÐ°Ñ 27" (@state27) on Oct 8, 2018 at 7:43pm PDT

To be honest, looks like its pretty fun!

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ð¤¯ÐÑли Ð±Ñ Ð²Ñе в ÑеалÑной жизни болели не ÐРÐÐÐÐÐ, а ÐÐСÐЯÐÐ ð¤ªÐ£ÑаÑÑвÑем в диком Ñеллендже, лÑÑÑÐ¸Ñ Ð²ÑÐ»Ð¾Ð¶Ð°Ñ Ð² поÑÑÑ, ÐÐÐÐÐРÐÐ Ð½Ð°Ñ Ð¿Ð¾ макÑимÑÐ¼Ñ ð¥Ð комменÑаÑиÑÑ Ð¿Ð¾ÑÑÐ°Ð²Ñ : #skibidichallenge ð¥Ð обÑзаÑелÑно оÑмеÑÑ : @iliyaprusikin @littlebigband ð¤ð»ð¤ð»ð¤ð»ð¤ð»ÐÑем заÑанее ÑпаÑибоð¤ð»ð¤ð»ð¤ð»ð¤ð» #ÑаÑкбой #skibidi #skibi #Ñабиб #ÐºÐ¾Ð½Ð¾Ñ #ÑÐ°Ð±Ð¸Ð±ÐºÐ¾Ð½Ð¾Ñ #поÑÑнÑгин #кÑид #бÑзова #моÑгенÑÑеÑн #моÑква #Ñпб #littlebig #джаÑаÑов @dlgreez @alina_pasok @morgen_shtern #ÑÑеÑ

A post shared by ÐгоÑÑ Ð¨Ð»ÑнÑкий СÑенаÑиÑÑСпбÐÑк (@igor_shlensky_) on Oct 11, 2018 at 4:00am PDT

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ÐÑинÑли ÑÑаÑÑие в #skibidichallenge ХоÑео: @lara.kildyushkina СÑемка: @zinkinz @kireev_kir ÐÑзÑка: @iliyaprusikin @littlebigband

A post shared by @ 15_anikina_15 on Oct 14, 2018 at 11:13am PDT

It has even made its way to weddings!

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#skibidichallenge ÐÑÑппа @littlebigband запÑÑÑили ÑлÑÑмоб, подÑаÑили и мÑ. ÐоддеÑжим, ÑоваÑиÑи, лайками и ÑепоÑÑами. Ðидео @gorokhoviktor ÐÑганизаÑÐ¸Ñ @zhenyakulinich â¤ï¸ð СпаÑибо @vecherniy_urgant @gudokgudok @iliyaprusikin @urgantcom @fastfoxes #skibidi #Ñкибидипапа #Ñкибиди #лиÑлбиг #LITTLEBIG #веÑеÑнийÑÑÐ³Ð°Ð½Ñ #urgantshow #УÑÐ³Ð°Ð½Ñ #ÑелеÑенÑÑ #пÑÑÑÑговоÑÑÑ #ÐлÑÐ¸Ñ #ÐлекÑандÑÐÑдков #Ð¥ÑÑÑÑалÑв

A post shared by ðð§ðð ⤠ðð¤ð¦ðððð (@ivan_zasukhin) on Oct 13, 2018 at 8:52pm PDT

We are now awaiting for some cool Indian videos to flood the internet with their own version of the challenge and, of course, they will.

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What can possibly be a better source of inspiration for outfits, other than the mother-ship itself, also known as 'Fashion Week'? What you see at the fashion week today, appears on the street tomorrow. So obviously, when we wanted some inspiring party outfits, that was our prime source. 

Here, We have compiled a list of 10 party outfits that can definitely prove to be inspiring: 

1. An avant-garde, playful, vibrantly printed/patterned/sequined shirt paired with high-waisted pants will never fail to make a strong statement.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© Tarun Chawla

2. If you want a bold, but classy look that will definitely make heads turn, pair a bold printed/logo shirt with checked pants. Mismatch? Yes. But that's the point!

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© Tarun Chawla

3. Wear black from head to toe, and wear a bright, vibrant, embroidered jacket on top. Super sophisticated.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© MensXP

4. A structured, plaid jacket paired with relaxed pants will always work in your favour. Accessorise appropriately with eyewear and a watch.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© Tarun Chawla

5. Monochrome is always impressive. Plus, if your shirt is as playful as Vikram Bajaj's here, you can go ahead and take off your jacket on the dance floor.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© MensXP

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© MensXP

6. High-waisted blue/black overalls with a strategically placed pop of colour, accessorized with a fun bag. Nothing can go wrong with this one.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© Tarun Chawla

7. The good ol' fitted blazer will never go out of fashion. Accessorize carefully with pocket squares, tie pins, statement sunnies, and a smartwatch.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© Tarun Chawla

8. Want maximum impact with minimum effort? Just wear a bright, playful, printed Cuban-collared shirt.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© Tarun Chawla

9. Want something for the party that also doubles up as comfortable street-wear? Go for the classic fitted white T-shirt and blue jeans combo.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© Tarun Chawla

10. A smartly layered outfit with a Bomber jacket and a pair of ripped jeans is extremely versatile, and will always have your back, irrespective of your body shape.

LMIFW: 10 Outfits To Wear For Your Next Party© Tarun Chawla

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It is for good reason that tea tree oil is considered the new wonder potion for skin care. With its amazing healing properties, tea tree oil is being infused into a number of skin care products to meet the growing demand for this natural remedy to a host of skin ailments ranging from acne to dry dull skin. To combat the basic skin care irritant that men face, which is acne, we have found 5 natural tea tree products for your skin.

1. Handmade Charcoal Tea Tree & Cashew Facial Soap

Karmik Veda Charcoal Tea Tree & Cashew Soap is especially for face and contains Activated Charcoal, Rose Clay, Cashewnut Milk that absorbs excess oil along with the dirt from the skin and is also effective in the removal of dead cells, thus providing clean and flawless skin. If you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors in the smoke, dust and pollution, you might notice dirt settling over your pores making them more noticeable and enlarged in appearance. This soap treats clogged pores, makes the skin look firmer and tighter at a rapid pace and protects against sun damage. Regular use of it can improve dry or mature skin.

2. 100% Organic Tea Tree Clarifying Toner

Cucumber Organic's Tea Tree Clarifying Toner has Witch Hazel – a nature's marvel, a natural astringent and the most effective acne treatment known to man. Combined with Mentha Arvensis (Mint), Lemongrass and Tea Tree, the toner has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. This wonder clears and refreshes oily/acne prone skin like a charm! It naturally balances excess oil and tones the skin, reduces acne/pimples, fades spots and scars, evens the skin tone and leaves your skin feeling smooth, firm, refreshed and oil-free.

3. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Vedaearth Tea Tree Essential Oil is a natural extraction from tea tree plants which can be used in aromatherapy to soothe your mind, body, and soul. It helps reduce mental stress, improve several skin conditions through better circulation and smell blissful. These should ideally be mixed with rose water and used on face. You can put them directly on acne.

4. 100% Organic Tea Tree Cleansing Oil

Cucumber Organic's Tea Tree Cleansing Oil works on the principle that oil dissolves oil and an overactive sebaceous gland is responsible for the excess oil & sebum. This cleansing oil is made carefully with non-clogging and light healing oils to cleanse your skin without making it sticky or breakout! Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil work with Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil and help control acne/breakouts. The oil deep cleanses oily skin by drawing out excess sebum and oil trapped within the pores leaving the skin balanced, clear, smooth and glowing.

5. Anti-Acne Turmeric & Tea Tree Face Wash

Vya Naturals Turmeric and Tea Tree face wash contains Haldi Manjal (Wild Turmeric) one of the most powerful herbs with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties. The face wash is paraben-free and helps combat acne and prevent breakouts. It even cleans skin and helps keep pores clear. And the best of it all- the face wash is cruelty -free! 

So men, dump those chemicals and switch to a more organic, and natural way of living even when it comes to your skincare routine. Fortunately for you, we have found the perfect one-stop destination that sells only natural, organic products that you will love. is all that and much more. makes sure they deliver only the most natural home-grown ingredients to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural products from passionate sellers across the country. So it's time to say bye to chemicals and boring factory-made goods. At, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good.


It's the 21st century and the year is 2018. Then why is it that even in this year and time, the subject of menstruation and bleeding women continues to be a hot topic, that even at the mention of it the entire nation gets scandalised, and constantly wishes to sweep it under the carpet?

We recently had the Supreme Court deliver yet another landmark verdict annulling an ancient law that banned women aged 13 to 50 from entering Kerala's renowned Sabarimala Temple, since they fall in the menstruating age group. The verdict came after a lot of hue and cry across the nation, demanding equal rights to pray for all women, at every place of worship.

So one would expect this to make women hopeful about a better experience this Durga Puja too, because all the awareness around the subject would have initiated some change in people's outlook, right? Wrong. Time for a reality check, you guys.

A Realist Durga Protima Is Enraging The Masses & Has Pushed The Artist Into Silence© Facebook

A Mumbai-based graphic designer named Aniket Mitra would have felt similarly when he recently posted a Durga illustration on his social media accounts, inspired by menstruation and how women are given partial treatment during religious festivities and celebrations, because they are on their periods and are thus, “impure”. 

He was up for a major disappointment- one that would not only shatter his spirit, but also deface the kind thought behind the creation.

You see, women are equally foolish to expect any support or progressive standing from a society, that consciously chooses to turn a blind eye to every issue that concerns the welfare of its women and children.

The Indian society has failed its women before, and even with a lot of men coming forward to usher in the winds of change, a section of this society keeps trying to bring them down, and scare them into subjugation, as they did to Aniket Mitra, lest the women of this country get their fair share of basic human rights.

A Realist Durga Protima Is Enraging The Masses & Has Pushed The Artist Into Silence© Facebook

Wait, before you begin to spew venom over how “feminism is cancer” and #NotAllMen, I must tell you that I pity the likes of all of you, because you are adding to all the BS that many women(and some good men) of this world are fighting against, day in and day out.

Why, you ask? Well, this is why.

Soon after Aniket made his creation public, the illustration caught people's attention and the entire country came together to bash the artist for his realist artwork, calling it disgraceful, “anti-national” and what not. And it did not stop right there. No. 

The online trolls went a step ahead and began to insult and threaten Mitra's wife and brother with hopes of scaring the guy into taking down the image. Guess what, they won. The endless trolls and reports got Facebook to take down the post titled, 'Shakti Rupen'.

A police complaint has also been filed against Aniket. 

Now, let me tell you in detail about the depiction that offended so many dimwits of our “progressive” nation. The illustration displayed a sanitary napkin as a Durga protima, with a Chalchitro in the background, and a red smear on the napkin which looks like a lotus. Now, God forbid if even half of those guys who scared the sh*t out of Aniket were to be religious. It's probably the possibility of another man standing up for the women, that enraged the public so much.

As News18 quoted Aniket saying, “I have watched first my sisters and now my wife struggle with taboos regarding their periods. I have seen them be asked to not come to certain places because they are menstruating. As someone living in 2018, this infuriates me", the thought had been kind, positive and personal, but the trolls turned things another way.

When we reached out to Aniket for a statement, he responded saying that the constant flak and personal attacks that he and his family have received over the past few days, has forced him to not only take down the post, but also refrain from sharing any comments on the same to prevent further outrage.

Imagine what we are capable of doing to each other, when someone decides to stand up for the larger good for people in our society. 

You shame them and threaten them into silence. 

But I suppose it needs to be put across that not all of us are going to be silenced. We'll find a way to make the message reach to a lot of people, so they can decide for themselves and reach a conclusion independently. 

Free country guys, everybody needs to get heard and we'll make sure that happens here, and the culprits are called out.

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If you've been familiar with the dating scenario, you'd know that women are mostly attracted to guys who're confident and sure about themselves. They want a man who can hold his own and stands out in the crowd. 

Women don't mind shy guys but they don't respect them enough to want to maybe date them. Even if they date a shy guy, it'll never be because of the personality they hold, TBH. It'll only be because they're probably nice guys and can be submissive at the same time.

So, if you want to be a success with women, you will have to build on your confidence and work on that spark that attracts them to you in the first place. 

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying dismiss all your positive traits and the inherent personality that you possess. I am just saying, you can do away with unrequited shyness and up the dating game a tad.

A Complete Guide For Shy Dudes To Approach Someone At A Bar© Thinkstock Images

I am going to give you a few tricks and pointers to keep up with, when you want to approach women at bars and ask them out. 

It takes a lot to approach a woman you like at a bar but once you get it right, she will definitely not let you down. Unless, of course, she's on a 'girls night' out and doesn't want any male attention or she's genuinely not interested!

So, here are 5 useful tips to approach women at a bar if you're a shy guy!

(1) Remember, Being Shy Isn't Cute

It works for women for sure. I mean, if a woman is shying away in front of me, I'll find her cute AF but it doesn't really work for guys as much. 

Being shy is a sign of zero to no confidence and that's just off-putting for women, who're looking for something more substantial. 

So in case you think you score a date on the virtue of being shy, then I think you're wrong. The key is to never assume being shy is an endearing trait!

A Complete Guide For Shy Dudes To Approach Someone At A Bar

(2) Eye Contact Helps

If you find a girl at a bar you're digging, try and make eye contact with her. Not in a creepy way, obviously, but in a more flirtatious way. 

I know it's a bit tough once you're shy and shy men usually stay away from eye contact. But you're breaking away from the only thing that is holding you back on meeting women, so making eye contact is absolutely okay and harmless! 

Once you establish good eye contact, you have her attention!

A Complete Guide For Shy Dudes To Approach Someone At A Bar

(3) Smile, Always!

Smiling is another way to get her attention. Again, don't be creepy about it and let the girl think you're genuinely interested in her, just through a smile. 

This is a carryover of the 'eye contact' you just made. Once you do establish good eye contact, smile at her simultaneously, just to let her know you're interested in talking to her.

A Complete Guide For Shy Dudes To Approach Someone At A Bar

(4) Approach Her Steadfastly

Once you've established good eye contact and she has read your body language, it's time to approach her, without thinking twice. Do it like you're ripping a band-aid off! Quick and fearlessly! Once you do approach her, that's when the real work starts.

A Complete Guide For Shy Dudes To Approach Someone At A Bar

When you're approaching a woman at a bar, you have to let go of any preconceived notions you may have about yourself. 

You have to stop second-guessing yourself or think you're appearance isn't up to mark or that you can't do it. Of course, you can! It's only a matter of patience and a lot of confidence that you have to develop over time. She actually may like you making an effort.

A Complete Guide For Shy Dudes To Approach Someone At A Bar

Most women appreciate a guy who walks up to them and starts talking, because they know it takes a certain amount of guts to do so. 

Just don't be assertive with her when you approach her. That' s a huge turn-off.  Be vocal, yes, but first ask her if you're intruding her space. If she replies with a yes, and that she's busy, move on. Don't stand there and try harder. It's okay to be rejected at a bar because you never know what her motive to be at the bar is, in the first place.

A Complete Guide For Shy Dudes To Approach Someone At A Bar© Pinterest

I know rejection is hard to handle, but once you approach her and ask her for permission to join her for the evening, it's smooth sailing from there. 

If she says no, then move on and do your thing and if she says yes, then own the evening! 

Being shy is just a state of mind and once you get over that, you're going to enjoy every minute of going out and meeting new people!

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What is it about a steaming cup of freshly brewed tea, that instantly elevates your mood and almost makes you feel powerful enough to conquer the world? Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but bhavnao ko samjho yaar.

It's almost as if there isn't a thing in the world that a cup of tea can't solve. Well, mostly. 

A good cuppa made to your personal liking is powerful enough to evoke nostalgia stronger than any joint, on a given day. It holds the power to take you back to the chai ki tapri in some old gully back from the day, where the chai transported you to another world. 

Meet The Founders Of Chaayos Who Changed India's Tea Game© MensXP

Drinking tea is more of a daily ritual in our country, and it is as much about the taste, as it is about the experiences it lends to the consumer. So, when Chaayos' co-founder Nitin Saluja was looking for a similar chai-experience one fine night in the US, and was disappointed to not find any, a possibility stirred in his heart.

Two years later in 2010, after having quit his fine job in the US, Nitin came back to India and got in touch with Raghav Verma, a friend and former colleague from the company Opera. The IITians hit it off instantly, and in the following interactions, Nitin shared his dream of starting a tea joint for chai lovers in India, much like Starbucks for coffee maniacs, where people can enjoy a good brew even outside their homes.

Meet The Founders Of Chaayos Who Changed India's Tea Game© MensXP

Having dabbled with startup ventures previously, and being a tea lover himself, Raghav came onboard for the project almost immediately. For the next two years, Nitin and Raghav launched a full-fledged market research, and the results only brought them good news.

India is a country of tea drinkers, where 30 cups of tea are sold for every cup of coffee, and this revelation promised a lot of potential for a lucrative business. Then came the first Chaayos outlet in Cyber City, Gurgaon on November 2012, which was built with the aim to serve a fresh, custom-made cup of chai to its consumers.

They have taken customisation to a whole new level by offering 12,000 different ways of how one can enjoy their cup of tea, along with a number of delectable tea accompaniments they introduced over time, which are a major hit with their customers.

Meet The Founders Of Chaayos Who Changed India's Tea Game© MensXP

Cut to 2018, the duo has managed to launch 52 chai cafes across Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Thane. 

What makes Nitin and Raghav's concept click with the consumers, is their acknowledgement of the fact that “there is no one right chai” for India, and that's how the 'Meri Wali Chai' made its first appearance on the Chaayos menu. Now we know what went into coining that name.

Since then, they have not looked back, and the brand has only taken more and more steps forward. However, this success wouldn't have been theirs to celebrate, had they paid heed to the naysayers, who constantly told them how bad an idea this was. 

They were explicitly told that they would never be “as cool as coffee” but even that changed when they had the same customers come back thrice a day for a sip of their tea blends.

Meet The Founders Of Chaayos Who Changed India's Tea Game© MensXP

This went on to become their USP- a unique experience around tea. They have had 300% year-on-year growth, with 42% month-on-month customer repeat rates, which has constantly added to their nationwide popularity.

Yet, the co-founders haven't forgotten their early days, and the personal challenges they have had to overcome to reach to this point. Their families were shocked and more than a little apprehensive about the big move their IIT graduate sons were making, by leaving their fancy jobs to sell chai. But they pursued their dreams, and as we all know now, the venture has been more than successful.

For all of you, who want to give your own dream a chance, this is what Nitin has to say. “Have a lot of perseverance and be at it” no matter what life throws your way. As for Raghav, he believes that “quality associations are key” and that's what makes an organisation magically good.

They have a great story to share, so check out what they've got to say here:

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In a video that is set to send shock waves across the globe, star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen dancing with rape accuser Kathryn Mayorga, reportedly from the same night in 2009.

The former model has allegedly claimed that Ronaldo sexually attacked her at his Las Vegas penthouse suite next door.


The Sun got its hands on the mobile phone footage from the now-defunct Las Vegas nightclub Rain, at the Palms Hotel and Casino. The recording is claimed to be from the night that Mayorga claims the Juventus star sexually attacked her.

At the time the video was taken, Mayorga worked as an in-house nightclub dancer. The duo can be seen dancing intimately and sharing jokes with each other in the video. She alleged that the former Real Madrid and Manchester United star attempted to rape her later that night, when they proceeded to the suite number 57306 at the palatial tower in the US city.


Ronaldo and Mayorga dancingRonaldo and Mayorga dancing (Source: The Sun)

However, she reportedly went on to apologise and described him as 'usually a gentleman'. The case seemed to have been hushed up, until recently, when Mayorga decided to overturn a non-disclosure agreement she had signed after the alleged incident.

She described the accusation as 'rape' in her interview with German media outlet Der Spiegel, though the legal papers have labelled the allegation as sexual assault.


Mayorga and Ronaldo in a Las Vegas club

Ronaldo, 33, issued a response earlier this week, saying, "I firmly deny the accusations being issued against me. Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in," Ronaldo said.

"Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense. My clear conscious will thereby allow me to await with tranquillity the results of any and all investigations."


SIIIIIIIII!!!!! ð¥ @Cristiano finds the target! â½

ð¥ Watch the full video on ⯠ #ForzaJuve #CR7JUVE

— JuventusFC (@juventusfcen) October 4, 2018


His current club, Juventus has come out in support of its marquee player, who they had signed before the 2088/19 season kicked-off.

“Cristiano Ronaldo has shown in recent months his great professionalism and dedication, which is appreciated by everyone at Juventus,” the defending Serie A champions said on Twitter.

“The events allegedly dating back to almost 10 years ago, do not change this opinion, which is shared by anyone who has come into contact with this great champion.”

The club also posted a video, on their social media channels, from the training grounds where Ronaldo can be seen training with his teammates at the team's Continassa centre in Turin for Saturday's league game against Udinese.


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Excited to continue my legacy in the new @nikefootball CH. 7 “Built on dreams” Mercurial. ðªð½ #nikefootball #bornmercurial #mercurial

A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Sep 19, 2018 at 3:56am PDT


On the other hand, CR7's sponsors Nike said they are 'deeply concerned' by the controversy surrounding their star client. He is reportedly one of the three players that the sports giant has offered a lifetime deal.

EA Sports, for whom Ronaldo is a leading figure in their phenomenally successful FIFA video game market, also described the allegations as 'concerning'.

“We are closely monitoring the situation, as we expect cover athletes and ambassadors to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with EA's values,” the group said in a statement.


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La famiglia bianconera! #finoallafine

A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on Aug 21, 2018 at 10:56am PDT


The lawyers for Mayorga state that their client remains consistent in her allegations, that have been detailed in a 32-page lawsuit filed last month with a district court in Nevada.

Mayorga, 34, alleges that the father of four then dispatched a team of "fixers" to obstruct the criminal investigation and trick her into keeping quiet for $375,000.

The five-time Ballon d' Or winner has 20 days from the date of the lawsuit to respond. He missed Juve's midweek UEFA Champions League fixture through suspension, but is set to return for the Serie A fixture over the weekend.

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